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It is increasingly common for Australians to have numerous super funds that they don’t know about and so are not in control of. The reason is often a change of address, name or job. When moving jobs, your new employer will open a new default superannuation account for you. This leaves you paying numerous account fees and quite possibly, attaining numerous unclaimed super funds every time you move jobs. Find Super are experts in how to find lost super so you don’t have to worry about it. The search for your unclaimed super funds can often be long and time consuming.

We aim to make the search simple and easy by using our technologies to find your lost super. If you are thinking “find my lost super” – we have got you covered.


How to Find Lost Super? Find Super – that’s how! We will find your lost super so you can retire with all the funds you earned.

Find Super specialise in how to find lost super to ensure financial security for your retirement. All you have to do is complete an online enquiry form to find my lost super. We will then contact you for further information regarding your request so that we can begin our search. Following our research process we will contact you with the results in order to get all of your super accounts into one account so you can cease paying multiple fees, take full ownership of your earnings, and ensure financial security for your retirement.

Superannuation is important for your retirement. One in two Australians have super accounts that are left unclaimed yearly. Don’t let your hard earned savings go to waste and get in touch today so we can solve your lost super problems.